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A tradition of distillation

For over two decades, we have harvested organic lavender for its essential oil, extracted through a steam distillation process in alembic copper stills, right on the farm. The oil goes directly into our line of artisan products and amenities at Los Poblanos Inn to offer our guests a deeply relaxing experience directly connected to the land itself.

Distilling organic lavender essential oil at Los Poblanos

Our distillation program has grown to include an array of farm botanicals including chamomile, yarrow, rose and pine for the essential oils and hydrosols used in our bar, kitchen and spa. Distilling gin was a natural complement to our essential oil distillation program and a perfect way to express the flavor of Los Poblanos’ historic farm and gardens, and the essence of the Rio Grande Valley. 

Distillation is an extension of our regenerative farming model contributing to an ecosystem that includes soil, water, plants and animals. By cultivating the land and nurturing a diverse community of flowers and herbs, we help support a vibrant, bountiful ecosystem. Beekeeping plays an important role on the farm, supporting the pollinators that are so essential, and providing us with delicious honey.

Beekeeping at Los Poblanos

Our gin recipes were guided by the herbs, flowers and native crops that thrive on our historic farm in the Rio Grande Valley. This rich tapestry of botanicals includes heirloom roses, shady patches of violets, rows of lavender, ornamental hawthorn trees and the aromatic lemon verbena.

New Western-style gins are known for fresh, balanced botanical blends, moving the familiar juniper flavor associated with gin into a supporting role. This approachable style allowed us to develop a truly place-based gin, capturing a mix of aromatics and flavors specific to our niche in New Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley.

Essential oil distillation at Los Poblanos

Building on our years of experience distilling botanicals, the farm team worked closely with the spirits team to research and catalog everything growing on the property and study gin. Our farm and garden team developed a gin flavor wheel highlighting earthy, floral, spicy and bitter botanicals. Lead Distiller Jamie Lord narrowed the list as taste testing progressed to create the distinctive flavor profiles of our Western Dry and Lavender Gin.

Rose Greeley Garden at Los Poblanos

Our Western Dry incorporates sixteen botanicals highlighting chamomile, rose petals, violet, lemongrass and hawthorn berries. We turned to our beloved piñon for the essence of high-desert New Mexico, finding just the right notes to round out the recipes. Our team hand-gathers piñon resin that naturally falls to the ground each year. Our Lavender Gin is distilled with cultivars of Royal Velvet, Provence, Munstead and Buena Vista lavender to express the floral complexity in our favorite botanical.

Our gins are just right for an array of botanical-forward cocktails, but for a pure tasting experience, enjoy neat over a large cube of ice.

It would be impossible to separate [their] gin from the land, history and people of Los Poblanos.

- Craft Spirits Magazine


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