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Crafted by a team of dedicated farmers, gardeners, herbalists, distillers and mixologists, our new western-style gins draw on ancient steam distillation techniques and a blend of botanicals that express the flavor of Los Poblanos’ historic farm and gardens, and the essence of the Rio Grande Valley.

Recognized by USA Today as one of the top ten craft gins in the country, our new-western-style botanical gin is exceptionally smooth with a velvety texture, floral nose and complex blend of earthy and spicy notes.

New western-style gin is known for fresh, balanced botanical blends, moving the familiar juniper flavor associated with gin into a supporting role. This approachable style appeals to gin lovers and newcomers alike. 

Western Dry

Los Poblanos Western Dry Gin combines sixteen botanicals that express the spirit of the Rio Grande Valley and thrive on our small organic farm. Our farm, garden and spirits team researched and cataloged botanicals growing across the historic property to develop this singular recipe.

Notes of rose, hawthorn, chamomile and piñon resin present equally alongside classic juniper to create a gin with a distinct sense of place. This gin is ideal for many botanical-forward cocktails and well-suited for sipping over a large cube. Try it in a classic gin and tonic or simple martini and experience spicy, floral, earthy and piquant notes.

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Lavender Gin

Los Poblanos Lavender Gin is distilled with four distinct cultivars to express the floral complexity in our favorite botanical. This gin stands apart as the only gin on the market that uses Royal Velvet, Provence, Munstead and Buena Vista lavender in the distillation process – with no flavors added after the fact, for a pure botanical experience.

Lavender is supported by additional botanicals including viola, orange, rose and lemongrass for a balanced bouquet. Sip and relax as lavender’s soothing and aromatic properties crescendo with rounded floral notes that soften into a delicate finish. We recommend a Lavender Gimlet or a floral take on a classic Bees Knees.

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